Hi! We're Melissa and Sean Bramble, and Hermit Thrush Hill (now at Blaidd Drwg - pronounced "blythe droog") is our small homestead. Our goal is to approach self-sustainability while maintaining breeding groups of as many appropriate heritage breeds of livestock as possible. Through natural, chemical-free methods, such as pasture raising, we intend to offer our animals a happy, healthy, and productive life.

We started Hermit Thrush Hill because we believe that the industrial agricultural practices in our country are environmentally unsustainable, disrespectful of the animals we rely on for our nourishment, and detrimental to the genetic diversity of agricultural plants and animals, which directly impacts human health.

We are happy to offer some of our animals, plants, and seed for sale, as well as other products we produce. Please feel free to explore our site to learn more about our homestead and heritage breeds in general.
Hermit Thrush Hill @ Blaidd Drwg, 203 Pavlus Road, Fort Plain, NY 13339
518-993-4218 . . . . . . homestead@hermitthrushhill.com
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Some changes are small... some are BIG...
January 2014:
This year brings the relocation of our little homestead from the 10.5 acres that we inhabited to 37.5 acres! Add to that a farmhouse that's over 200 years old, a super-cool graveyard (that's in desperate need of restoration), and the increase of pasture from approximately 2 acres to somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 acres.

The new barn has been built by the Amish (many thanks to Enos Byler and Eli Miller, along with their sons, Harvey and Rudy Byler, and Sam and Danny Miller - not that they'll ever read this, but we'll let this permeate into the ether anyway). We have lots and lots of work yet to do to it, but for now it's a grand home for the large livestock.
I'd love to thoroughly update the website, but just hitting the homepage has proven difficult to squeeze into our lives.
We did a full breeding of the sheep. Five breeding groups in all, one of those Shetlands. I don't have an accurate count, but I'd say that we're expecting on the order of 40 lambs this spring of 2014.
Horses: well, they're horses! We had a sudden addition of 2 Brabants right at the end of 2013: 'rescued' from climbing on board the dealers trailer. Other than the atrocious treatment from the dealer and his hand, not really a bad place to go, since there is such a demand locally for draft horses. Jack is a 6yo red roan gelding, and Maybelle is a 16yo bay roan mare that may be bred. Both stand about 16hh and somewhere in the vicinity of 1900#. These are monstrous drafts in terms of build. Jack has an honest 28in collar size and Maybelle's is 26in.
We retained our Milking Devon's heifer calf from 2012, but no breeding for this coming year since we really had no idea where things would be with the move.
Regarding the livestock...